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Velvet Hummus


A smooth hummus using different grade chickpeas mixed with Tahini 

Is a lovely smooth olive oil based hummus, using different sized chickpeas in the market. Later this year we will be working with a UK farmer to use the first UK grown chickpeas - lowering our carbon footprint, support our local farmers and thriving to pioneer change in our category and to help combat climate change.


ChicP was born in 2016 after Hannah, founder, witnessed huge amounts of food waste whilst working as a private chef and in events catering. Hannah turned her love for healthy good & campaigning for change, into a business that not only helps British farmers but creates sustainable and plant based products.


The range of Hummus' are made from misshaped vegetables which would not have been able to be sold in supermarkets. Such a great way to reduce waste and help British Farmers succeed.


Ingredients: Chickpeas, rapeseed oil, tahini, lemon, garlic, vinegar, salt


Allergens: none specified.

Velvet Hummus