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Single Variety Co

Rhubarb Preserve


Our Harbinger Rhubarb Preserve is made with fresh Yorkshire Rhubarb.  One of our favourite preserves, we source all our rhubarb from the Tomlinson Family, who have been growing forced rhubarb continuously for four generations in Pudsey, West Yorkshire.  


Harvested in the dark and by candlelight according to age-long tradition, their rhubarb has tender, almost fibre-less stalks that are bright pink in colour and have the most delicate flavour.  We choose to use the Harbinger variety because it is super pink!


We chop it, then cook it with a little bit of sugar for as short a time as possible, creating the most delicately delicious rhubarb preserve.  

Because we use less sugar it has a lovely dropping consistency.  It's seriously spoonably scrumptious, perfect for over yoghurt & granola, or on ice cream!



Ingredients: Harbinger Rhubarb, sugar, lemon juice, natural pectin.


Rhubarb Preserve