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Old Spike

Old Spike - Don Claudio Ground for Espresso 200g


Region: Brunca 

Producer: CoopeAgri

Variety: Caturra, Chaturi 

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 1400 - 2000 MASL


This coffee is named after the first president of the CoopeAgri cooperative – Don Caludio. In the 50s and 60s the road infrastructure in Southern Costa Rica, where CoopeAgri is situated, was run by private companies making it impossible to affordably get coffee out of the region. This cooperative was set up to unify resources to ensure farmers could gain access to road infrastructure and thanks to Don Claudio has given us the opportunity to taste the delicious coffees the area has to offer.

This coffee participated in the Cup of Excellence this year, passing through the first stage. Chosen for its sweet flavour and well-balanced acidity. Don Claudio has tropical notes and a hazelnut aftertaste and is a perfect all day easy drinking espresso.


Recommended Recipes: 

V60 - 15g of coffee - 250g of water - 2 mins 30 seconds 

Espresso - 19g - 30s - 38g 


At Old Spike, we're committed to ensuring everyone who comes through our doors leaves with a better story than the one they came in with. Whether that's by offering those affected by homelessness tangible ways to gain new skills and a job, or by serving a customer a delicious, socially conscious cup of coffee, we want to create meaningful social impact.

We began our journey in 2014 when we launched our cafe and roastery space at our very fist site on Peckham Rye. We were the first speciality coffee roastery operating as a social enterprise and have since been at the forefront of using coffee as a vehicle for social change. This model has served us well and we have since grown the business and now reside just round the corner at our state-of-the-art SCA Campus - still in Peckham!

We now serve a much wider network of companies and individuals and have partnered with our sister company, Change Please, to offer a full barista training academy to help support all traineess that come onto our programme.


Old Spike - Don Claudio Ground for Espresso 200g