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Half Speed Espresso - Low Caffeine Whole Beans



Aromas: Nectarine, Pistachio & Almond Butter

From: Cauca, Colombia


There are times when you want a full hit of coffee, but a lower dose of caffeine. It’s for these moments that we’ve created Half-Speed. A delicious, low-caffeine espresso.

Half-Speed is a blend of three coffees from one of our all-time favourite farmers, La Marianela. First up is our Sugarcane Decaf, coffee is grown on the farm, then soaked in locally grown, fermented sugarcane in nearby Pitalito to remove the caffeine. This delicious decaf is blended with La Marianela’s washed coffee, bringing an intense sweetness, and their kiln-dried natural process which brings vibrancy and sparkling acidity.

The coffee has notes of sweet nectarine, pistachio & creamy almond butter, becoming sweet and creamy with milk – think almond croissants and clotted cream!

Low-caffeine coffees remain a rarity. Rarer still is 100% traceability to individual farms. We’re hoping that incredible tasting coffees like Half-Speed will change that and offer coffee lovers better choice and better quality coffee for any time of day.

Half Speed Espresso - Low Caffeine Whole Beans