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Three Sheets

French 75


Three Sheets famous French 75 cocktail with Victory Gin. Batched and bottled and ready to drink. 

The brother co-owners have taken this classic World War I cocktail, the French 75, and put their own Three Sheets stamp on it. This version is actually fairly different to the original, although the base ingredients are similar.


Lemon juice, gin and bubbles are all still there, but instead of the classic addition of Champagne, the Three Sheets guys use Dry Moscato, along with sugar syrup, Minus 8 Verjus, orange flower water (plus some extra water). The fizz is made in-house.

750ml - 6/7 serves - 8% abv


Ingredients: Victory Gin, Clarified lemon, Dry Moscato, Minus 8 Verjus, Carbonated Water

French 75