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Artisan Grains

Pearl Couscous


Pearl shaped grains made from 100% durum wheat. A great alternative to rice or pasta and an exciting addition to salads and stews.


With its firm, springy texture, Pearl Couscous makes a great base for hot meals but can also be chilled and used to make quick, delicious and satisfying salads!


Pearl Couscous is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed in so many ways making it a delicious alternative.


Quick and easy - takes only 12 minutes, Low in fat, delicate flavour - a versatile ingredient.


All natural - no additives or preservatives, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Quick & easy - takes only 12 minutes!, Delicate flavour - versatile ingredients, Low in fat - for a healthier diet, Suitable for vegetarians & vegans


Ingredients: 100% Durum Wheat (Gluten from Wheat)


Allergens: Contains Wheat

Pearl Couscous