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Black Lines

Elderflower Collins



This serve is a riff on a classic Tom Collins, named after a practical joke that spread across New York in 1874. New Yorkers would tell their friends that a man named ‘Tom Collins’ had been heard speaking rudely about them in a particular bar. When they went to the bar to confront him and asked for ‘Tom Collins,’ they instead received a sour cocktail of Gin, lemon and soda.

We’ve made this classic our own, using East London Liquor Company London Dry Gin and bringing in British Elderflower for a refreshing twist.

How to serve

After the delivery driver arrives, get the bottle straight in the fridge. When you can’t wait any longer, pop the cap, pour over plenty of ice in a highball glass and garnish with a slice of fresh Lemon. There are 5 x 150ml serves per bottle.

Allergens: The Black Lines Elderflower Collins contains no allergens. It is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and suitable for Vegans.

Elderflower Collins