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Coriander Seeds


Grown primarily as a botanical for distillers, this British-grown coriander seed is of exceptional quality with a high oil content and superb citrus aroma.

The seeds make a delicate but flavoursome seasoning for curries, dal, soups and other dishes. For maximum flavour gently toast the seeds in a dry pan before using whole, crushed or freshly ground.


Ingredients: Coriander


Allergens: None



Story: Hodmedod’s a small but growing independent business, founded in 2012 Beccles in Norwich, to source and supply beans and other products from British farms.

We're committed to providing quality food from British farms that's more sustainably produced.
All Hodmedod's pulses and grains are British-grown – and always will be!

We offer a wide range of British beans and peas, as well as some of the first British-grown quinoa. As well as our dried beans, peas and quinoa for cooking we have a growing range of ready-to-use canned beans and peas. 

Coriander Seeds