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Crook and Churn

Dorset Blue Vinny


This unique blue cheese has a subtle flavour, with a slightly crumbly/creamy texture.  Dorset Blue Vinny is only made at Woodbridge Farm, in the heart of Dorset, using pasteurised milk from their own herd of Friesian dairy cows.  Suitable for vegetarians.

Story: Crook and Churn Dairy are based in North Dorset and have been trading since 1983. After leaving Agricultural college with a head full of ideas, John started the business by milking his own sheep and producing sheep's milk yoghurts which were sold locally for around 25p. each!

Originally it was strictly sheep’s milk products which were sold and this explains where the name derives from - Crook (as in a shepherd’s crook) and Churn (as in a milk churn).
The following year goat's milk cheeses and yoghurts were added to the range, and soon after that it made economic sense to offer the growing number of customers dairy products made from cow’s milk as well.


Ingredients: Made with pasteurised cows milk.

Allergens: Contains Milk and Lactose.

Dorset Blue Vinny