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Hill and Vale

Black Pepper


The quality of black pepper is determined by its size.  This black pepper is graded TGSEB which stands for Telicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold. TGSEB is the best grade black pepper in India as it is the largest and has a diameter of over 4.75 mm.   

The origin of this pepper is the Wayanad region in northern Kerala which has a strong tradition in pepper cultivation and has been central to the pepper trade since it began in the 15th century. 

This variety is called Panniyur-1 which is the most common variety of black pepper in Southern India due to its inherently larger berry size and good yield potential. Farmers are however diversifying away from Panniyur-1 to protect against possible yield damage through disease. 



Ingredients: Black Pepper


Allergens: Free from all 14 declarable allergens.

Black Pepper